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, florida republican senator marco rubio knows that the bill he has helped device as part of the senate's gang of eight is far from a sure thing. rubio told the conservative mike gallagher show tuesday. >> the bill that is in place right now probably can't pass the house. it will have to be adjusted because people are suspicious about the willingness of the government to enforce the laws now and in theture. >> which didn't seem to bother white house press secretary jay carney. >> well, i haven't heard that assessment. i think as the president and others have made clear we're still in our oral stages here. we have a comprehensive immigration reform bill that was authored by republicans and democrats in the senate, and has significant bipartisan support but that process is still moving forward. >> john: in fact, the senate judiciary committee is supposed to start marking up the bill next week, which could be when the process grinds to a halt. that's because when committee chairman pat leahy democrat from vermont has said he'll offer up an amendment that would give gay americans the right
marco rubio who has recently suggested that the immigration bill being hammered out in the senate may need stronger border security provisions to pass. >> i expressed to president that i'm opt a mystic about us getting this done because it's the right thing to do. we've seen leaders from both parties indicate that now is the time to get comprehensive immigration reform done. what i'm not going to do is to go along with something where we're looking for an excuse not to do it, as opposed to a way to do it. >> nbc's kristen wellker traveling with the president today joins us live from mexico city. one of the potential point of tension, what more are we hearing about that cooperative effort? >> well, peter, i can tell you that both leaders downplayed the significance of that shift. mexico's president during that press conference yesterday saying that both countries will still have a close cooperation. there is no clash between those two goals. president obama said it made sense. he is a new leader. he should reassess how he approaches such a difficult problem. the president also vowing t
where the president can play, really any roam. it's up to marco rubio basically as an envoy to the conservatives to explain why the bill works. it will not create amnesty where law-breakers get off free. that means it's basic allawi on this one senator. it's going to be a tough few months for marco rubio. >> john, how effective at this point? is there any evidence rubio is being effective on the point? >> he's having more success than others. lindsey graham or john mccain are not seen as real thorough-going conservative there would be no chance for this. rubio has a relationship with conservatives, but when the fascial review calls it rubio's folley very important among conserve tifts and theb -- conservatives. that's one more hurdle he's got to get over. for rubio says that in the process of having this go through the senate, people who have concerns will be able to have those concerns addressed. that is -- well, that remains to be seen. sometimes bills can fall apart once they go through the senate and get picked apart. >> all right, john dickerson if
from any country that comes here. >> dagen, when i talked to marco rubio about this, this is a name dropper. >> no kidding. a boot liquor, apparently. >> thank you very much. but anyway, when i did talk to marco rubio, who is first exclusively on my show, one of the things he raised was, look, neil, we can address these provisions. they're provisions for tighter border security, but we can go ahead and have a stricter process to focus on the individuals who are already here. but we're not at that in the legislation that you put out just yet. so it does mean, going back to the drawing board, right? >> it could possibly mean going back to the drawing board. but what those senators are trying to do is a lot more pallatable than what's going on in the house because they want to address all of these things in one fail swoop so they don't get in fight after fight after fight with interest groups. what's going on in the house, they're trying to deal with this piecemeal. first you move on agricultural worker visas, then you move on, say, security checks by employers, and then they push bord
talked to marco rubio about this, i'm a name dropper. [ laughter ] >> neil: thank you very much. anyway, when i did talk to marco rubio one of the things he raised, look, neil, we can address these provisions. first of all they were provisions for tighter border security but we can go ahead and have a stricter process to focus on the individuals who are already here. i'm reminded we're not that in the losing losing legislation you put out. it does mn back going to the drawing board? >> it could mean that, but what the senators are a lot more palatable what is going on in the house because they want to address all of these things in one swoop so they don't get fight after fight with interest groups. what is going on in the house, they will try to deal with it piecemeal. first you move on agriculture worker vissasas and then security checks by employers. then they push border security down the road. that is where it will never get done. >> neil: i think this thing is dead. i don't think it should be, but in this environment, no one wants to be in the front of the line saying, i got illega
and that scores for senator rubio. >> one rising star would be senator marco rubio. >> i see the good of immigration. >> our black guy. >> marco rubio is not the man. well, there is an alternative. you could just not be a budget squishes. >> cruz is the man. >> let's get right to our panel. dana milbank, a political columnist and dr. james peterson, an associate professor at lehigh university and msnbc contributor. dana, the national review is out with a damming cover story on mr. rubio and his immigration bill. it references the elites and obama care and even throws in a reference to alinsky and some version of amnesty 23 full-times and calls it the schumer rubio bill saying at one point, the schumer rubio bill seeks to implicate -- at the table by handing out more visas. what happened? >> if it continues, he may want to consider self-deportation, a little bit safer. right, he is supposed to be the savior of the party. we see what's happening with the -- doing to its savior and in a way, it's worse for the republican party now than if this whole thing had never happened because now,
it was difficult is going on nationally you could see the rand paul and marco rubio but i have to say they are both impressive than the candidates republicans are putting forward lately and romney is wonderful but not a good candidate. >> i just can believe it either want to pick on the guy that i open the paper and i see that. it was a shock. >> want to start i agree about the issue of the current political paradigm i do believe it is doomed but i am still optimistic that the phoenix can rise from the ashes. i was able to attend a national students for liberty conference last month with an colter in front of 1400 students there all very liberal called us policies -- pussies they just don't grasp the on this enthusiasm that a great number of people have for these ideas we have not seen the honest arbiters of these ideas and the republican party for decades as your question you raised how we sell the idea is to the american public, i think the last is effective to paint our philosophy as inherently negative as the party of no and to a certain extent i am happy to be the party of no to some bad ideas
that bipartisan nature to get something done in the house. as you saw yesterday that marco rubio said even the gang of eight i am frags reform pill wouldn't pass the house as it is currently written. i think this will be enormously tough. divided government was always going to be tough. the notion that somehow the election was going to at the clier one winner and one loser and everything will fall in line is a huge fallace. >> they don't seem to have a co-he's civil strategy or agenda. it is clearly one of the two sides deciding to leak something about this meeting that they were fighting and disagreeing on a strategy, for instance, how to deal with health care. >> the love the stores leaked out. >> clearly one was trying to send the message. >> i think leadership is frustrated and with each other and out of a dpas thgas. it is really one of those situations. >> you just had a youtube moment. >> they just don't have the votes. they get them done and they -- >> they have to wait for the senate. >> that's the paralysis. if the senate could goat 70 or 75 votes on immigration, it gets enough m
to push through the house right now, but that has marco rubio worried, senator from florida. he is looking at what the house republicans are considering doing, and he is a little worried about it. here is marco rubio on the mike gallagher radio show. >> the bill probably can't pass the house, because people are very suspicious about the willingness of the government to enforce the laws given our experience with immigration in the past. >> michael: knowing that you have marco rubio saying things like that, how can you get this past? >> we go one by one by one. you have individual people telling their stories as they did today on may day. there is a group that has a great documentary on the dreamers and the story of those that have come here and made a life for themselves. you do it by making sure the economic benefits of immigration are very strong, and we're not going to let phobia or boston being an excuse. >> michael: it's almost as if they seize upon things that give them pause when they wanted to have a reason to have pause in the first place. how do
of eight plan. even marco rubio, the face of this senate immigration reform bill is now expressing doubt the gang of eight's proposal can pass the house. >> the bill that's in place right now probably can't pass the house. it will have to be adjusted because people are very suspicious about the willingness of the government to enforce the laws now given our experience with immigration that's a legitimate suspicion and one that i share. >> there's one person in washington who is still optimistic that a deal can be reached. >> i feel confident that the bipartisan work that's been done on immigration reform will result in a bill that passes the senate, passes the house, and gets on my desk. >> can a deal get done? >> joining me now is robert costa and msnbc contributor maria theresa cumar. >> i love the pronunciation on that. >> i want to go to you first. that quote by rubio admitting that this faces an uphill battle in the house is telling to me. i spoke to one member of the gang of eight who says that marco rubio is more important than 50 gangs of eight. if this needs to be changed, it's
como marco rubio dice que no es correcto involucrar temas gay. >> es poues sumamente importante a miemrbros de nuestra comunidad gay sean incluidas en esta legislacion lo importante es que familias no sean dividos. >> lulac fue una de las organizaciones que se reunio con el presidente. >> no dijo que tengamos que aceptarlo como esta sino que solamente veamos como esta y que lo acepetemos más adelante. >> la propuesta bi-partidista del senado vivira un momento crucial si se haran cambios cruciales, desde washington fernando pizarro, univisión. >> en momentos en que le presidente barack obama visita méxico se destaca la negociacion, podría wenfremtar sus propios desafios de seguridad, serían potencias más que china y otros en este ambito. >> un contundente avance de las industria textil hasta la tecnología actual que podría desplazar a china en pocos años. >>> el cientificio antonio galvan nos habla del combustible que crece en demanda, este tiene una autonomia de 60 horas. >> es de cerca de 100 kilómetros por hora y saliendo de yucatan podríamos llegar a españa. >>
despectiva forma de marco rubio , se ríe de la reforma de migratoria con frase los disparates de rubio . >> ataques contra hispanos en nueva jersey, 6 agresiones contra trabajadores latinos, . >> víctimas de robos, justamente cuándo cobran salarios una víctima escucho insultos raciales . >> miles tienen armas y cometen delitos . >> el gobernador del estado aprueba fondo de 24 millones de dólares para desarmar a esas personas tenemos como lo harán . >> más de medio centenar de agentes de california se preparan para decomiso de 40 mil armas . >> que están en posesión de personas que no las pueden tener . >> en california cualquiera que tiene felinias mayores o violencia doméstica ellos pierden derecho de tener armas, en su casa . >> después de newtown el gobernador de california otorgo 24 millones de dólares a decomiso de armas de fuegos . >> 36 nuevos oficiales que quitan armas a estas personas que no las deben de tener . >> hay lista de 20 mil personas con 33 agentes cuesta decomisar . >> el departamento de justicia de california investigo 4 mil personas, que no pueden ten
of a quin. unlike with guns, this is an issue where senator marco rubio want a deal. >> we can't leave in place behawe now it is terrible for the country. >> when asked about allowing illegal immigrants to be u.s. citizens if they meet requirements like learning english and paying back taxes. 70 percent of the voters favor that only 21 percent oppose. there are plenty concern about the boston tersor. eye new poll found if the bombings change would their opinion on a path of citizenship for illegal immigrants 23 percent said yes . 70 percent said no . that could increase the likely of terror, sevenpercent said decreasing the likelihood and 66 percent said no difference. >> here in mexico, the president needs to be serious on board security. >> that is a major confession. what we expect is to modernize our immigration citizen and have the tracking system and five and half billion in border security in addition to what is spent. >> rubio is a key architect for the gang of 8. >> i am optmistic we are going to get comprehensive immigration reform passed. >> he appeared to not push harder on
party as well. you can see, the rand paul fans and the marco rubio fans. but i have to say those guys in my view at least a pretty impressive or more impressive than the candidates republicans are putting forward lately. and again i think mitt romney is probably a wonderful man and all that. >> [inaudible] >> i just can't believe it. i don't want to pick on the guy, but i remember him well. i opened the paper and i see he's the senate president or whatever. i was shocked. >> thank you very much for your comments but i want to start by saying first of all i agree with you about the issue of this current political paradigm. i do believe it is doomed. but i'm still optimistic. i believe that what, that the phoenix will be able to arrive from these ashes. i was in washington, d.c. last month were ann coulter in front of 1400 students that are all very enthusiastic about free market liberty. i think the current people in power in the current paradigm are just not, they are not grasping the honest enthusiasm that a great number of people in my generation have for these ideas. we just haven'
rubio on the cover calling it marco's followy. that oh shop shop is photoed. they photoed grover norquist out of the shop. >> he was a tea party darling until he went to d.c. and played hem. >> we put him in office and this is not what he promised us. >> senator rubio about what 22 million workers who can't find a full-time job. >> michael: the tea partyers may have fallen out of love with rubio but they still have a soft stop for ted cruz who has been trying to derail the effort ever since he got to the senate. >> i don't think there is any issue in this entire debate that is more di verysive than a path to citizen for those who are here illegally. main >> michael: that puts cruz squarely against marco rubio another possible 2016 contender. here to talk about the immigration battle brew be between senator rubio and ted cruz is wayne slater, wayne's senior political director for dallas morning news and joins us from dallas, texas. great to have you. >> great to be here you as always. >> michael: ted is being talked about as a possible 2016 candidate. it's his job to hut himself
. >>>e l senador marco rubio cree que la enmienda puede ser el fin de la frágil legislación. >>> pero no todos están de acuerdo. >>> no están legalizando el matrimonio gay, solamente darles un permiso de residencia a estas parejas. >>> grupos que defienden los derechos de los homosexuales dicen que el temor que la enmienda falle es exagerado. >>> la enmienda da derechos inmigratorios a los homosexuales es complicado para grupos religiosos y conservadores. >>> el derecho del ser humano de dar su punto de vista lo tienen pero que va afectar la reforma migratoria no. >>> la reforma migratoria está en manos de los congresistas y depende de la presión de quienes luchan por su aprobación. >>>e l próximo domingo univisión tiene un programa especiual, una edición de aquí y ahora donde saldrá todo lo que usted necesita saber sobre la reforma migratoria, el domingo a las 7, 6 centro. >>> los inmigrantes indocumentados podrán obtener licencia de conducir en oregon, el gobernador firmó la ley en la marcha del día del trabajo, las licencia serán por 4 años, el requisito es haber vi
in the polls. obviously, this has rg ignited a national debate. senator marco rubio really the face of this bipartisan immigration proposal coming out of the senate. but i think that it's stoked the flames, if you will, of a contentious debate. >> thank you so much for being here. >> thanks for having me. have a great day. >> you too. >>> from talking goats to racing squirrels, here's a look back at the week that was. >> reporter: what happened to spring? flash flooding, miles of mud and lots and lots of snow. but it it wasn't the storms that tripped up a weather man in houston. >> excuse me. here's the big picture. >> the president got raves for his term at comic in chief at the white house correspondents' dinner. >> need a burst of new energy, try some new things and my team and i talked about it. we were willing to try anything. so we borrowed one of michelle's tricks. >> reporter: but it was all business at the fbi with three new arrests in the boston bombings investigation. >>> jason collins, the coming out party of a lifetime. >> he came out as black and gay. even more shockin
senator who has reached across the aisle recently is marco rubio. but i don't know about 2016. i mean the guy has not even finished a single term in the senate and he thinks he is ready to be president. kids these days. i on the other hand have run my last the campaign. on thursday, as ed mentioned, i went to the opening of the bush presidential library in dallas. it was a wonderful event and that inspired me to get started on my own legacy which will actually begin by building edifice right next to the bush library. can we show that, please? [ laughter ] i'm also hard at work for plans on the obama library and some have suggested that we put it in my birth place but i would rather keep it in the united states. did anybody not see he that joke coming? show of hands. only gallup. maybe dick morris. now, speaking of presidents and their legacies, i want to acknowledge a wonderful friend, dayen spielberg and daniel lieu whday-lewis who are here . we had a screen oing of their most recent little many "lincoln" which is an extraordinary film. i am a little nervous about the next project. i
party's on the mend. one rising star on the right is senator marco rubio. or as he is known in the republican party, our black guy. [laughter] as of today come in the u.s. senate has a number of african- american senators. two. two. in other words, there are now more african-americans in the senate and in a mumford and sons concert. thank you, younger people. paul ryan -- i don't understand! what's he babbling about? [laughter] who is this man? paul ryan, he really burst through when he ran for vice president. after the election, he said president obama was reelected because of the high turnout of urban voters. when he was asked how he liked his coffee he said, no milk, no sugar, just urban. [laughter] there is rnc chairman reince priebus. tonight he is sitting between his brothers, lather and repeat. [laughter] house majority leader eric cantor is here. or as i like to refer to him, yet another jewish republican from the south. also joining us, a condiment from new york named steve israel. he is from new york and his name is israel. there is pandering, and then there is pan
a stab at stand up comedy, like us, cracking jokes about his so-called charm offenses and marco rubio at the white house correspondent dinner. >> one senator who has reached across the aisle marco rubio. he has not finished a single term in the senate and he thinks he is ready to be president. >> sounds like somebody else we know. some of the fiveers got to go to the dinner. that's up next. ♪ >> there is music from the king. the spotlight was on president obama as he took the mic at the white house correspondent association dinner. he cracked a few jokes himself. the press and the gop, take a look. >> as i look in the mirror and i have to admit that i am not the strapping young muslim socialist i used to be. i know republicans are still sorting out what happened in 2012, but one thing they all agree on is they need to do a better job reaching out to minorities. and look, call me self-centered, but i can think of one minority they can start with. hello? >> well, there you go. two of the people at this table went to the correspondent dinner. what did you think? >> had a blast. it is i
's a moment of peak precariousness for passing it. senator marco rubio may be the most influential out there saying the 300 page immigration bill he helped graph possibly can't pass the house. >> the bill that's in place probably can't pass because people are very suspicious of the government enforcing the laws. it's a very legitimate suspicion, one i share and if there's anything we can do to make it tighter to make sure laws are enforced so we don't have this problem in the future, that's exactly what we should be working on. >> there are those to the right calling the bill rubio's folly and obama-care redux and those who say illegals come into the country too easily. in a private meeting with a dozen latino leaders this week, the president made clear he expected the people in the room to support the senate proposal even if they had doubts about details. once an overarching bill was locked in by congress, the president told the group, the administration could revisit their concerns and improve it. perhaps some liberals myself object to has to do with the mexican-u.s. border because w
, marco rubio, ron johnson, every one of the gray beards had decided someone else should win. demint said we need strong conservative leaders and every one of them won with the support of the conservative grassroots. in 2012 three new republicans elected. jim demint's support was to all three of us who won. demint said we right now i in the for in the senator jim demint. and that legacy has already transformed the u.s. senate. any issue, pick any fight, and who are the people charge being out into battle and the fight? they are the rand pauls, mike lee, marco rubio, leaders there because of jim demint's support. and that is how you turn the country around. freedom. principle is freedom is really the value of our country. and the tool we crafted, our crafted that was quite revolutionary to preserve constitution.e thomas jefferson described the chains to united states senate if bind the mission of government. seeing our are freedom under assault because our constitutional liberties are threatened. in my view we should stand for the constitution and every part constitution. we should stand
other comment. i was sitting with marco rubio with two conservative leaders. one of them said, schumer, you are doing this so you can get more democratic votes. beaid, the first one will allowed to vote in 13 and a half years. if you republicans have not solved your problems with the hispanic community in 13 and a half years, you are finished. >> i called paul ryan yesterday to thank him for his outspoken support of immigration reform. >> tom? >> senator mccain, can you tell us what paul ryan told you? >> i said i think my comments are important. he agrees with what i just said. thanks for calling, and -- once you run for president -- no, he did not say that. [laughter] >> the other day that lindsey graham said the goal is to get 70% of votes in the senate -- >> we need that, and i think it's doable. >> senator schumer? >> if we were to pass this bill with over 50 democratic votes normally eight or nine republican votes -- it would pass. we would get the 60. it would bode poorly for the house. but we are looking for -- what we are looking for is getting a large republican vote. we did
swift album. [laughter] one senator who had reached across the aisle recently is marco rubio. i don't know about 2016. he has not finished a single term in the senate and he think he is ready to be president. [laughter] kids these days. on thursday, i went to the opening of the bush presidential library in dallas. wonderful event. that got me inspired to get started on my own legacy. it will begin by building another edifice right next to the bush library. can we show that? [laughter] i'm also hard at work on plans for the obama library. some have suggested we put it in my birthplace, but i would rather keep it in the united states. [laughter] [applause] did anyone not see that joke coming? [laughter] only gallup? dick morris? [laughter] speaking of presidents and their legacies, i want to acknowledge a wonderful friend, and steven spielberg and daniel day-lewis who are here tonight. we had a screening of their most recent film "lincoln." extraordinary film. i'm nervous about stephen's next project. i saw a behind-the-scenes look on hbo. let's check it out. roll the tape. >> i was t
after huckabee, your second spot? >> i got a lot of friends, jasons that same problem. marco rubio was our state chairman in florida. i'm friends with rand paul. i'm friends with governor haslem in tennessee. i don't know governor christie. there is a lot of postives things you can say about him. the good news is we have a deep bren bench. they will go through the primaries, i think we will come back with the best candidate not to unite our party but the country. >> jason chapin, i go to you on this, krisie is a sure shot to be re-elected in new jersey, a very deep blue state. okay. the point i want to make is, i don't see how the republicans can win the next election without somehow taking back one of the blue states. okay. whether it's new jersey or new york or illinois, or michigan or even california. you go back and look, we haven't won those states, republicans haven't won those states in so long. so that's what is so intriguing about christy. -- christie. he could take back a blue state or two. >> he's the rockstar type of status. that's why i think marco rubio fan. paul ryan
think you're right, he has aloud the gang of eight to take part in this and marco rubio and senator schumer. >> let me go to general mccafferty, when the president says range of options, what are in terms of not exposing troupes to combat? how do we accomplish any military goal without risking lots of civilian casualties in damascus and certainly american casual this? >> well, i think his options are extremely limited. you know, at the end of the day, chris, we're not going to intervene on the ground in syria. it wouldn't make any sense, internal war, sunni versus shia. if we go after chemical weapons these things are fired out of scud missiles and rocket launchers, as well as air power. you have to take down the air defense systems if you do. the russians have given them fairly sophisticated air defense. i think the bottom line is, unless there's massive use of chemical weapons which would provoke international outrage and justify ground intervention, he's got no real military options. >> how do we deal with those defenses, those mobile defense units that go around with all the roc
that immigration reform is going to get done. i'm kind of doubtful. >> i'm rooting for marco rubio over ted cruz. if that's going to be the fight among cuban-americans, particularly. if that's going to be the fight, i know who i'm with. by the way, i think the president was very skillful today. i don't think he has an answer on the grand deal looking for this permission structure. i think he has one golden egg he wants to have, whatever the right term is for the second term. and i think it's because the republicans want this thing off their backs. >> as much as he does. >> they want it gone. i don't think he's playing politics. this is one time obama is going for the product. just like he did with health care. >> on immigration in the house, i put my hope on paul ryan. >> you agree we're going to have an immigration bill but bob is a little bit suspect. >> no, no, i'm suspect because i think the paul ryan wants to do this, karl rove wants to thdo this, smart republicans want to do this. a lot of the tea party members in the house who are now in control of john boehner in a lot of ways done want
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, they could be better if not under this obamacare pulling it down. >> and up next, marco rubio, what does he say to the gang of 8 for the immigration plan? that's next. and martha stewart is heading to the meat market, but she's not planning a dinner party. you will never guess. enter stick around to hear it. t. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everi'm with scottrade. me. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine. [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. from the brand doctors recommend most. vo: to the elegant trim es in each and every piece, bold will make your reality a dream. but thanks to hotwire, this year we got to take an ext
. but the real thing, john, is that if you've got -- if marco rubio has been damaged by pushing for immigration reform while your party needs some latino voters, that's a terrible sign for 2016. >> the fascinating thing that's gone on with pat toomey and marco rubio is they have all found that issue to try to tap to the middle. ted cruz hasn't found that issue. the request he is, does he want to or does he want to follow in the foot steps of jim demint and end up at the heritage foundation. >> the next rick santorum, follow the campaign, stay to the right but own it. >> santorum tried to move to the center and lost his re-election and then tapped far to the right to try to get the nomination. >> here's the danger for your party. hillary clinton will go after the worst in why you are party. she won't debate the guy running against her. she'll debate the worst he wiels of your party. >> our problem with hillary clinton, is we have a gender gap problem, a hispanic problem. we need someone to expand the base. >> what about the woman my age who says it's about time we had a woman president? how do y
, the gang of eight. marco rubio, john mccain, lindsey graham, chuck schumer, all segments of both parties of conservative, progressive, they're moving toward a solution. >> sean: but nobody wants to hear from obama. >> he's been a leader. >> sean: no, he hasn't! >> come on! because he announces a title, he's a leader? announcing a title is not leading. what is leading is bringing people in and mediating the differences. >> that's what's happening. there's a senate compromise that's moving forward. you just want it not to succeed. i think that's the problem. >> no! i'm all for getting the border sealed. i'm all for stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into the country. and if it requires us to make some kind of a deal on people that are already here, if it's the right way, i'm very comfortable with that in the long run. but seal the borders, enforce the laws, and don't let holder let people go just to make hay out of a sequester. >> well, it's moving in the right direction. i don't know what you're complaining about on the sequester. look, the problem, the short-term problem -- >> sean:
. democrats would be celebrating from the beginning. the real thing, if marco rubio has really been damaged pushing for immigration reform when your party needs latin no voters, that's a certainly sign for 2016. >> the thing going on with pat toomey and marco rubio, they all found that issue to tack to the middle. ted cruz hasn't found that issue, does he want to or follow in the footsteps of jim demint and end up at the heritage foundation. >> maybe want to be the next santorum, follow to the right but own it. >> what rick santorum did was move to the center and lost and then tacked far to the right. >> hillary clinton, i'm not her speechwriter, she will go after the worst in your party. she won't debate the guy running against her, she'll debate the worst elements in your party. >> we have gender gap problem. we have an hispanic problem. we have to have somebody that expands the base. >> what would you say the woman not your age, my age, said it's about time to have a woman president. how do you fight that argument if she's obviously qualified? >> it's a tough one. you have to find those
's the biggest obstacle for the president when he waits with the gang of eight? what's marco rubio been saying this week? where's the stalling coming from? >> the biggest obstacle really is the tea party in the house. the latest obstacle that has been thrown up is lgbt rights. the country has gotten to a place now where it's not really acceptable to say that members of the lgbt community don't have the same rights as everybody else. but now here we are trying to do this immigration bill, kind of a holdover five users ayears ago where you're saying only straight couples are allowed to be reunited through immigration reform. you know, the other problem he has is that a lot of people are just furious with the status quo. he said that he lifted the shadow of deportation from the dreamers. that's only partially true. that shadow still hangs over all of the dreamers' parents. hundreds are getting deported every day and sitting in detention centers waiting to get deported. >> meanwhile, the president knew going in that immigration was going to be certainly on his agenda if re-elected. the other thing
. republicans are not going to get everything that they want in this bill. >> republican senator marco rubio warned that this amendment could kill the immigration bill, and senator jeff flake called it a deal breaker for most republicans. amie, you write about this in your latest article. how does the president resolve this particular issue? >> well, i think what you heard him say is that while he does support this provision, and would like to see it in there, he's not going to get everything he wants. he would like to see it in there. but, of course, that might likely not happen. so -- but i think he will -- he does want to support -- he will support the overall immigration bill, even if it doesn't include this provision. and he made that clear yesterday. >> and, ed, shifting gears a little bit. your latest article is titled ted cruz speech in south carolina fuels buzz about presidential campaign. why is that getting so much attention? >> well, it was a big night. you know, we had vice president biden here in columbia meeting with democrats, and then ted cruz was headlining a dinner hosted
the united states senate. so many people are out front on there. marco rubio is the key player for the republicans, is being bashed -- was being bashed by conservative talk-radio bosser this. i think he would like to pull back on it. what's going to happen is it's going to pass the senate and it will go over to the house and it will beled. i don't think it's going to go -- it will have to go to conference and you are not going to get the amnesty. >> hold on. there are eight people on this committee. republicans are rubio florida, john mccain arizona, lindsey graham, south carolina, the democrats are dick durbin illinois, robert mendez new jersey, chuck schumer new york and michael bennett colorado and i think schumer is the head of this group. >> yes, he is. >> go ahead. >> well, senator schumer and mccain met with reporters last week, and basically mccain said if they pass this bill republic the republicans back on the playing field where they can compete. you can't compete in a country where the hispanics are going to be the majority of some states. so there is political inc
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